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Friday, February 21, 2020


Job Ref: SPE 2423

Category: Legal


Location: Nauru

Position: Judge - Court of Appeal

Salary: On Application

Job Description:

The Judiciary Department of the Republic of Nauru is seeking to retain two Judges for the Court of Appeal (the Court) to sit as part of a panel of 3 Judges to hear and determine appeals from the Nauru Supreme Court in relation to relation to the Refugee Convention Act 2012 (Nr) (the Act) (Asylum Seeker Appeals).

DUTIES: a) Hear Asylum Seeker Appeals brought before the Court in accordance with Nauruan law and procedure. b) Deliver fair, balanced and consistent decisions according to law and within time based benchmarks. c) Work collaboratively with, and provide collegiate support to, the other Judges of the Court. d) Work constructively with key stakeholders including Legal practitioners, the Court Registry, and self-represented appellants. e) Travel to Nauru, as required.

QUALIFICATIONS: a) Entitlement to practice as a barrister or solicitor in Nauru, having been so entitled for not less than 10 years. b) Bachelor of Laws from a common law jurisdiction. c) At least 10 years’ admission to practice as a legal practitioner in a common law jurisdiction. d) Experience as a Judge or Justice of an intermediate or appellate Court or as a senior counsel including experience of judicial review of, and/or statutory appeal from, administrative decisions. e) Judicial experience in the field of international protection law. f) Experience working in a cross-cultural environment, and with interpreters, is desirable.

KEY COMPETENCIES: Legal Knowledge and experience, the successful candidate should have: a) Attained a high level of professional achievement and effectiveness in the areas of law in which he or she has been engaged while in professional practice; b) been recognised by peers, and the legal fraternity, as a judicial officer of fairness and integrity; c) Sound knowledge and understanding of the law and rules of procedure commonly involved in the exercise of judicial office; d) the ability to acquire quickly an effective working knowledge of the law and rules of procedure necessary for work in Nauru; e) judicial experience in administrative law and international protection law; and f) The demonstrated capacity to contribute to the development of the common law of Nauru.

PROFESSIONAL QUALITIES: The successful candidate will possess the following professional qualities: a) Intellectual and analytical ability; b) Sound judgment; c) Decisiveness and the ability to discharge judicial duties promptly; d) Excellent written skills; e) Excellent verbal communication skills especially with self-represented appellants and in a cross-cultural context; f) Authority – the ability to command respect and to promote expeditious disposition of business while permitting cases to be presented fully and fairly; g) capacity and willingness for sustained hard work; h) Management skills, including case management skills; and i) Resilience and the capacity to work effectively with limited resources.

PERSONAL QUALITIES: The successful candidate will possess the following personal qualities: a) Integrity, good character and reputation; b) Fairness; c) Independence and impartiality; d) maturity and sound temperament; e) Courtesy and humanity; and f) Social awareness including gender and cultural awareness and a respect for diversity.

Resume required upon application.

Listing Date: July 06, 2019

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