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Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Samoa is a democracy with its own flavour. The unicameral parliament, the Fono or Legislative Assembly, operates as a party political system, and is led by a prime minister, who must be a member of the Fono and be supported by a majority of its members.

The Prime Minister is appointed by the Head of State, who is similar to a constitutional monarch. Although the Constitution allows for the Head of State to be elected by the Fono for five-year terms, Chief Malietoa Tanumafili II has held the office since independence and will remain for life.

In Samoan style, only matai may stand for election for the Fono's 49 seats. Until 1991 only matai were eligible to vote, but universal adult suffrage now exists.

Local government is still administered in the traditional manner by the matai, who are trustees for customary land held on behalf of the people.

-  For more information on Samoa, including taxation, immigration, incentives, labour, construction and transportation, visit the investment section of the Official Website of the Government of Samoa

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